Aarong is a Clothing store located in Dhaka 1230. It is one of the 22891 Clothing stores in Bangladesh. Address of Aarong is 7 Jashimuddin Ave, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh. Aarong can be contacted at 880258956097. Aarong is located in a busy area and we are covering at least 472 places around it on Asia-Places.com. Aarong is rated 4.5 (out of 5 stars) by 3736 reviewers on the web.

Some of the places around Aarong are -

RAK Ceramics (BD) Limited (Tile store) RAK Tower (7th, 8th, & 9th Floor) Plot # 1/A, Sector # 3 Jasimuddin Avenue, Utt, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh (approx. 173 meters)
Masminu Motors service point (Two Wheeler Repair Shop) Jashimuddin Ave, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh (approx. 322 meters)
Rahamat & Associates Limited (Legal affairs bureau) Holding No, Tropical Alauddin Tower (11th Floor, 32/C Rd # 02, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh (approx. 372 meters)
Khan Akber & Co (Chartered accountant) House: 1/D, Road: 07, Sector: 07, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh (approx. 351 meters)
Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh (Advertising agency) Nigar Plaza, Plot No 32/B, Road 02, Sector 03, Rajlokkhi, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh (approx. 379 meters)
Digital Marketing Solution Pvt. Ltd. (Advertising agency) Nigar Plaza, Flat#6/A, 7th Floor, Plat# 32/B, Road# 02, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh (approx. 380 meters)
Mutual Trust Bank Limited (Bank) Service Rd, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh (approx. 298 meters)
Popular Diagnostic Centre, Unit 1, Uttara (Doctor) H-21 Road-7, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh (approx. 220 meters)
Shoeb's One School of Driving (Driving school) HOUSE NO, 97/A Road-7, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh (approx. 289 meters)
Jasimuddin Bus Stop (Bus stop) Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh (approx. 210 meters)

Within less than half a Kilo meter of Aarong, you can also find IT Dept. RAK CERAMICS Bangladesh., Southtech Group, CSL Software Resources Ltd, Shwapno, Global Tel Pvt. Ltd., Impel Service and Solutions Limited, Prime Bank Limited, Uttara Books & Stationery, A to Z Books & Stationery, Boi Bichitra Gallery, Showcase Magazine, Books N Text, Books & Books, Lazz Pharma LTD, MAA Cosmetics, Uttara Cosmetics, Smrity Beauty Corner, MECHANISM TRADE & ENGINEERING LTD., E tech professionals, Eminence Chemical Industries Limited and many more.

There are several Clothing stores around Aarong. Aarong, Libas, Taaga Man Uttara, and Ecstasy, Ecstasy, Singapore Plaza, Uttara are some of the Clothing stores near Aarong.

Distance From Major Landmarks

Distance between Aarong and Aarong is approx 114 meters.
Distance between Aarong and Uttara Sector 11 Kacha Bazar is approx 2 kilometers.
Distance between Aarong and Kabab Factory is approx 1020 meters.
Distance between Aarong and Rajlaxmi Complex is approx 383 meters.




7 Jashimuddin Ave, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh



What is the contact Number of Aarong?

Contact number of Aarong is 880258956097.

What is rating of Aarong?

Rating of Aarong is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What is the address of Aarong?

Address of Aarong is 7 Jashimuddin Ave, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh.

Where is the Aarong located?

Aarong is located in Dhaka 1230.

What is the Aarong?

Aarong is a Clothing store in Bangladesh

What is the Pincode of area in which Aarong is located?

Pincode of Dhaka 1230 is 1230

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